We create the atmosphere of your table

PAW Decor Collection is a brand of comprehensive product range – from napkins, tablecloths, table runners, candles, placemats, table decoration accessories to gift bags and gift wrapping paper. The collection is distinguished for its patterns based on current world trends divided into thematic categories. It is characterised by a great diversity of motifs, wealth of form, the highest quality and elegance.
All these characteristics make it a Premium brand – well-recognised and appreciated by customers.

Why choose PAW Decor Collection paper napkins?

  • high quality,
  • world standard design,
  • current trends,
  • pattern thematically categorised,
  • environmentally-friendly products,
  • a wide range of products,
  • variety of form and motifs.

Everyday 2024

Enter a world of design and creation, where everyday situations are transformed into extraordinary experiences. Discover the magic of celebrating together and let our products add sparkle to your event, whatever it may be. This year, we are launching many new products that are sure to delight your senses. From abstract patterns inspired by the Wishful trend, the extensive Unicorn range, Double Design napkins, to floral motifs and picturesque landscapes. Indulge in a colourful palette and saturated colours to add magic to your interiors. Discover our products and create an unforgettable ambience!

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Christmas 2024

Christmas holiday is the time when families gather around the table. The unique character of this time full of warmth, magic and love deserves unusual table decoration. As part of the Christmas collection, we have preapred a special blue and golden assortment in luxury style. There will be various colorful baubles , also with the motif of a peacock as a reference to the polish name of the company PAW. The latest collection also features patterns in the palette of timeless Christmas colors suitable for traditional, vintage and modern decorations.

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