PAW ED 2024

The WILD FLOWERS TREND takes you into the heart of nature, far away from the noise of the city. With simplicity, minimalist design and natural materials, Wild Flowers carry your mind back to childhood days, grandma’s recipes and old traditions. Amongst the hustle and bustle of life, getting back to the roots and nature redefines luxury.

TREND LAVENDER – lavender shades can be arranged in many ways to express your individuality. This trend is sure to enrich your interior, adding a delicate, fashionable touch. Go with pastel shades to create an interior with a touch of originality.

In EXOTIC SUMMER, you will find a new, luscious and bold approach inspired by animal prints and exotic greenery. Fanciful colours and patterns are a distinctive characteristic of this trend, with geometric patterns and electric colours, birds of paradise and tropical plants you can just never grow tired of!

TREND WISHFUL – blurs the line between the physical and the virtual. It features patterns that are extravagant and bulky, and captures a different reality than the human eye perceives. Quirky shapes, a variety of bright synthetic colours, all have their meaning.

TREND UNICORN – a fairytale world full of magic. The unicorn brings you back to childhood and carefree moments, as well as the great legends of its healing horn. Warm pastel shades, distinctive graphics, all with the addition of glitter and shimmering elements. You will be transported to a world full of dreams and fantasies.

PAW BN 2024

CLASSIC CHRISTMAS. Immerse yourself in the magical Christmas time, where classic green and red colors become the heart of Christmas traditions. The red of the poinsettia and layered greens create a palette with a classic, holiday aesthetic. Gnomes and Christmas characters will add a touch of fantasy.

RUSTICAL CHRISTMAS. Inspired by nature and natural elements, rustic Christmas is grounded in the cozy knits, wooden decorations, and delicate fabrics that create a unique atmosphere. A rich palette of natural colors, such as forest greens, browns, and warm shades of red, will emphasize the sensual dimension of the holiday experience.

TREND GNOMES. The friendly gnomes have come to us straight from Scandinavia. A large hat pulled over the eyes and a long beard are the distinctive features of Santa’s helpers. Legend has it that they are the ones who leave presents under the Christmas tree. The Christmas gnome is the guardian of winter’s magical aura!

GLAMOUR CHRISTMAS. Holidays in a luxurious dimension full of brilliance. The fascination with luxury, opulence, and decorations is evident in every detail. Golden hue and shining embellishments together create an atmosphere full of elegance. Tempting decorations enchant, leaving unforgettable impressions of a magical mood.

The UNICORN motif is a return to carefree moments of childhood and fascinating legends of the healing horn. Warm, pastel shades, distinctive graphics, all enriched with a subtle hint of glitter and sparkling elements. Let fairy-tale inspirations become an integral part of this magical time.

LAVENDER yet another color trend. This time in an original Christmas rendition. A solution for daring individuals looking for a note of originality. Delicate pastel shades of purple combined with silver will be a breath of fresh air during the magical festive season.