What’s new in 2019

As part of our sustained growth and continuous search for new trends and inspirations, we have added new, original products to our range. These products will now make it even easier to arrange your table, while their modern colours will add life to every party, no matter what the occasion.


AROMA Collection

In response to customer expectations, we strive to continually add new, original products to our collections. That is why we have decided to create a new line of scented napkins, the “Aroma Collection”, which adds a new quality to our napkins – fragrance. Smells are often underestimated, even though they affect our mood and well-being.

Beautiful scents make meals more enjoyable and help create an exceptional ambience. Whatever the occasion, our scented napkins will be a unique accessory, making important celebrations even more special and memorable for your guests.

Practical size: 33 x 33 cmPack of: 20 pcsDispensing: Easy Open

Peach & Mango

the sweet peach mixed with tropical mango will transport you to summer’s sunny holidays and exotic journeys.


with the scent of sweet and spicy gingerbread, these napkins will be a perfect decoration for the Christmas table, helping everyone feel the warm and homely atmosphere of Christmas.


the scent of roasted coffee is intriguing and invigorating. It is a great match for any meal as an aromatic, original decoration.


the sandalwood aroma has calming and relaxing properties. It is ideal for romantic, sentimental dinners.

Bubble Gum

the sweet scent of bubble gum brings to mind the carefree years of childhood. It will introduce a cheerful mood and delight your young guests.


the sweet powder fragrance, enriched with floral tones, will make meals more pleasurable and create a cheerful mood around the table.

Secret Garden

the rich floral composition will add charm to gatherings around the table and transport your guests to a secret enchanted garden.

Grapes & Mint

the pleasant, fruity and minty scent is refreshing and stimulating. These napkins will be a perfect addition to meals shared outdoors and will also be a great party accessory.


INSPIRATION DOTS – new products in our “Inspiration” line, featuring an unconventional embossed dot pattern.

The “Inspiration” line, with its universal design, is practical for any occasion, and at the same time compelling because of its original, embossed texture. The “Inspiration Dots” napkins feature cheerful embossed dots in strong, trendy colours. They are a great accessory for minimalist, modern interiors and will add life to every party or get-together with friends and loved ones.

Practical size: 33 x 33 cmPack of: 20 pcsDispensing: Easy Open 


PUNTA-PUNTA– new products for the HoReCa market, with a pleasant texture in a range of sizes and colours.

We have added a new group of Punta-punta products to our PAW Professional catalogue, made with 2-ply tissue, with a unique soft, dotted texture. They come in nine trendy colours in the standard dinner napkin format and as stylish and practical cutlery pockets. With them, you can now easily create a consistent table arrangement in your favourite colour scheme. They will be ideal for your hotel or restaurant, facilitating day-to-day operations at the venue and making for an easy change of decorations depending on the occasion.

Two sizes:38 x 38 cm (dinner)32 x 38 cm (pocket)Pack of: 50 pcs

Trendy design

We follow latest global trends thanks to which our designs are always trendy and current.

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