PAW Sp. z o. o. received a subsidy from  the European Union for the project entitled  “Implementation of an innovative technology for producing a scented paper ribbon intended for disposable paper products”, carried out under the subsidy agreement No. FENG.02.32-IP.03-0002/23.

We are implementing the project in order to strengthen the potential and introduce innovative solutions in our company.

We plan to involve our current staff, existing technical and infrastructural resources as well as fixed assets purchased under the project. We will purchase and install the fixed assets necessary to implement the innovative technology.

The project result will be addressed to enterprises from the HoReCa sector (business sector related to the catering and hotel industry), individual customers, as well as wholesalers serving retail customers.

The implementation of this innovative production technology will result in new products appearing on the market – a range of scented napkins and table runners made of airlaid paper using flexographic printing. These products will be a novelty in our offer; they are not yet available on the international market.

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Project value: PLN 8,617,300.00

Amount of contribution from European Funds: PLN 2,585,190.00


The PAW company implements/has implemented the following projects co-financed by the European Union under the 2014-2020 financial perspective:

01/05/02-30-0445/15, Development and diversification of the activities of PAW Sp. z o. o. through introducing innovative product, process, organizational and marketing solutions in Suchy Las,

Project value: PLN 4,284,390.86

Funding: PLN 1,482,918.45

03/02/02-00-1394/18, Implementation of the technology for the production of decorative napkins using digital printing,

Project value: PLN 8,781,476.55

Funding: PLN 3,073,516.78

01/05/02-30-0299/18 Increased competitiveness of PAW Sp. z o. o. through purchasing a modern machinery park in order to launch new, improved and innovative products to the company’s offer,

Project value: PLN 4,451,734.73

Funding: PLN 1,398,232.76

03/02/02-00-2104/20 – Implementation of the technology for the production of double-sided printed decorative paper napkins using flexographic printing,

Project value: PLN 4,393,500.04

Funding: PLN 1,537,725.01


SHOW YOURSELF – Polish construction products on the international arena – 4th edition

The project is implemented under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020, under priority axis 2 Support for the environment and the potential of enterprises to conduct R&D+I activities, measure 2.3 Pro-innovation services for enterprises, sub-measure 2.3.3 Internationalization of National Key Clusters, application number POIR.02.03.03-20-0002/19.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The project relates to the internationalization of the offer of the Eastern Construction Cluster with the NKC status, and its main objective is to increase the internationalization of 16 (including 15 SMEs) enterprises operating within the National Key Cluster by December 31, 2023. The goal will be achieved through the implementation of an integrated, comprehensive internationalization program tailored to the needs of companies and implemented by the Coordinator for NKC members. The objective is to be achieved by implementing the following actions: 1. Consulting services in the area of preparing companies to enter foreign markets by ensuring their offer optimization; 2. Services in presenting the cluster’s offer on key foreign markets (EU and others), through comprehensive support for the participation of enterprises in fairs and foreign missions; 3. Promotion of the Cluster among potential contractors, by preparing and distributing cluster catalogues, promoting in the fair media, on the Internet and organizing conferences; 4. Strengthening cooperation between NKC  companies by animating new joint projects, including R&D, concluding and strengthening lasting commercial contacts, which will translate into achieving measurable financial benefits by NKC companies; 5. Development of NKC by acquiring new companies that will strengthen the value chain of the Eastern Construction Cluster. We expect the following effects of the implemented activities: – launching to foreign markets/internationalization of at least 16 NKC companies from January 1, 2021  until December 31, 2023; – strengthening the knowledge and potential of NKC member companies in internationalization through the implementation of consulting services, conferences, and meetings with experts in the field of internationalization; – strengthening the competitiveness of the NKC offer on international markets through their active participation in fairs and foreign missions; – strengthening intra-cluster cooperation by animating new joint projects, including R&D, establishing and strengthening lasting commercial contacts, which will translate into tangible financial benefits for the NKC companies; – developing the cluster by acquiring new companies that will strengthen the value chain; Active participation of the cluster and the Coordinator helps to strengthen the position of the Eastern Construction Cluster, which is undoubtedly demonstrated by further joint initiatives of cluster members, including those often based on broadly defined innovations.


Total expenses: PLN 9,984,100.00

Eligible Expenses:  PLN 9,984,100.00

Funding: PLN 7,068,380.00

We invite all companies interested in cooperation and international expansion to cooperate with us.