Quality policy

PAW Sp. z o.o. is a leader at the market of decorative paper napkins and table decoration concepts. Also, we have recently extended our business by the production of paper cups and plates in order to strengthen our consumers’ confidence in PAW branch and products. We know that this is one of the ways to increase our customers’ trust in our PAW branch and products, so that our products can become “the first choice” products for the consumer. We are going to achieve this by maintaining the stable quality, safety, and compliance of our products, as well as on-time deliveries and security of supplies.

We will implement the above commitments by:

  • Constantly improving our Quality Management System that is conformant with ISO 9001:2015 and BRC CP PCH v.4 requirements,
  • Continuously adjusting our products to our customers’ needs and expectations,
  • Providing for constant, customer-accepted quality of materials and half-products we use in our product manufacturing processes,
  • Constantly improving our technology in economically justified limits,
  • Minimising the risk of occurrence of product safety hazards in the processes we run,
  • Constantly raising our employees’ competence and awareness, and training them in particular in the area of the ways they may contribute to meeting our customer requirements in safety, authenticity, compliance, and quality of the products we make,
  • Controlling and optimising our manufacturing process control indicators,
  • Observing the applicable legal requirements and other regulations concerning the products we offer, in particular in the area of their health safety.

We declare our full involvement in maintaining and improving the reliability level of our Quality Management System, and in providing means and resources that are necessary to reach the above-mentioned objectives. This policy is communicated to all of our employees through our internal training programmes.

Environmental policy

PAW Sp. z o.o., manufacturer of tissue napkins made using flexographic print technologies, in pursuance of its strategies of continuous development and teamwork, undertakes measures aimed at continuous improvement of environmental protection through:

  • ensuring compliance with the applicable legal regulations, standards, client requirements and internal corporate provisions relating to environmental protection,
  • minimising its negative impact on the environment, including but not limited to the rational use of resources and management of waste and hazardous materials, relying on the analysis of environmental aspects,
  • continuous improvement of its environmental management system,
  • improving manufacturing processes and work methods, with the aim of eliminating waste and overproduction, with a view to protecting the natural environment and employees’ health,
  • improving qualifications and engaging all employees in the realisation of environmental objectives and programmes,
  • ensuring adequate resources and measures for the implementation of this policy.



BRC is an international system providing detailed guidelines which should be met to guarantee safety and high quality of a product intended to come into direct contact with food.


FSC<sup>®</sup> certification constitutes a reliable link between a responsible production and consumption of forest products, making it possible for consumers and companies to purchase products that meet restrictive standards established by the organization.

ISO 9001:2015

Since 2017 the company has been ISO 9001:2015 certified, confirming that the quality management system in the organization meets the highest requirements based on international standards.


Ecolabelling certificate is awarded to those products which meet strict environmental and climate criteria. The award of the certificate offers consumers a real guarantee that the resources used are of the highest quality and are in line with the strictest environmental protection standards.


SEDEX SMETA Pillar 2 is an audit aimed at assessing PAW’s ethical standards and corporate social responsibility.


The Highest Quality certificate issued by Research and Quality Monitoring Centre awarded PAW for its professional actions in implementing the company’s vision and strategy, excellence of management, the highest quality in manufacturing and selling of a wide range of paper products.


Our napkins have an attestation issued by the National Institute of Public Health, which proves that our products are safe for food.


This certificate for gift wrapping paper Neutral confirms the offset of carbon emissions by additional carbon offset projects.
Our company support project: Afforestation