We are pleased to present to you an exceptional, beautiful collection – We Care.

It is an ideal solution for all those for whom sustainable development and zero waste are more than just a catchy and trendy slogan, but the art of making everyday choices. Our napkins ideally fit into the concept of a closed loop product, where already existing resources are used. We Care line is a collection of unique patterns printed on the napkins made of 3-ply tissue paper, 100% recyclable, which is attested with FSC certificate and Ecolabel. The tissue paper is not bleached with chlorine and keeps a natural, kraft colour. It shows “imperfections” which definitely add a certain appeal to the napkins. But, obviously, this is not all.

The print on our napkins is made using exclusively safe, certified paints that are intended to come into contact with food.
What remains is the packaging. We also perfected that matter. We depart from traditional foil in favour of PLA – a material derived from renewable raw materials, natural resources, such as maize meal. So, each We Care packaging will be fully biodegradable soon!