Heimtextil 2023

Behind us is the latest edition of Heimtextil 2023, an international trade fair for home and functional textiles, which was held on 10-13.01.2023. It is the world’s leading event focusing on interior design, architecture, hospitality.

The fair showcased a range of innovative products for interior designers and hospitality experts capturing the sustainability and healthy sleep trends.

We have had the pleasure of participating in extraordinary events, lectures and talks highlighting the importance of manufacturing processes today. The textile industry obtains its raw materials from a vast number of sources and employs many processes to manufacture an infinite variety of products. This diversity makes it one of the most problematic sectors in terms of climate emergency. We learned how important it is for the textile industry as a whole to transition to a circular economy and that the superior goal is to scale up circular innovation.

In the circular system, materials are reused multiple times in a closed loop. Such an approach drastically reduces the consumption of the earth’s resources. The technical cycle applies to inorganic materials such as nylon, polyester, plastics and metals. They can be reused again and again if they are optimally recycled – without loss of quality. The biological cycle deals with organic materials which come from nature and can be returned to the earth at the end of their useful life.

The Heimtextil 2023 edition explored four key paths towards the circular economy. In terms of the technical cycle, ‘Make and Remake’ looks at how we can extend the life of existing materials. The path explores how beautifully reworked textiles can be. ‘Continuous’ highlights innovative approaches to closing the loop, alongside waste-free reprocessing of textiles and low-impact product lifecycles. In terms of the biological cycle, ‘From Earth’ explores textile design that reconnects us with nature, where we rediscover traditional natural fibres and dyes. ‘Nature Engineered’ shows how nature and engineering can come together to create textiles and materials that are smart, functional and planet-friendly at the same time.

We get back home filled with inspirations, trends and designs. We have seen exceptional products and designs and made new industry contacts with design studios from all over the world.

Inspired, we declare the new collection season open!