New Collection PAW Christmas 2020

There is no more magical time of the year than Christmas time! When December’s frost nips at your nose, and it gets dark very early, it’s a pleasure to cosy up at home in the warm glow of candlelight! The scents of spruce and home-made gingerbread, and adding to that, if we are lucky, some crisp snow outside – and the stage is set, right out of childhood books.

This is also how our napkins are made. They are developed in the minds of our graphic artists, who conjure up a vision of a festive atmosphere and translate it into gorgeous designs in a variety of styles. Our latest collection features colourful and playful gnomes, snowmen, penguins, reindeer, Santas. Fairytale – napkin stories for the little ones!

Inevitably, we have the classics: motifs of glass baubles, ornaments twinkling in the light, resplendent in red and gold. Add to that some natural spruce twigs and cones, plus crimson ribbons – and you’re good to go.

There are also several designs for fans of modern styles, with minimalist patterns and the colour grey playing the first fiddle.

Certainly, our Christmas catalogue would not do without everyone’s favourite We Care collection! It features lunch napkins made of recycled tissue, beautifully showing off strong, vibrant colours. Leading the lineup of this year’s We Care collection – is a star in several colour versions. You can also encounter wild reindeer and thick coniferous forest …

This season marks the first time that our Christmas offer includes scented AROMA napkins. The scent and themes of Christmas cookies, cinnamon and orange are guaranteed to amaze your guests. Apart from a wide range of napkins, with 154 types and designs in this year’s Christmas offer, we offer a rich supply of auxiliary products: decorative paper, gift bags, candles, lanterns – you will be spoilt for choice!

We encourage you to check out our PAW Christmas 2020 catalogue and get inspired.

SEDEX SMETA Pillar 2 for PAW

We are pleased to inform that PAW received a positive opinion is a SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) audit and was included on SMETA 2 Pillar list.

What does it mean?

Sedex is a non-profit organisation that conducts the Smeta audit – a standard which imposes ETI Base Code (Ethical Trading Initiative) and environmental requirements. Fulfilment of that standard in a way opens the doors to cooperation with international companies.

PAW, having intensely worked for 25 years, achieved a stable business position on the market and managed to develop its social and environmental policy. The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the company's ethical standards and corporate social responsibility.

The report, among other things, included information on compliance with the labour law, conditions, workplace safety, freedom of religion and freedom to express political views, counteracting discrimination, compliance with local labour law, dialogue between the Employer and the Employees and rational waste management.

On the basis of an analysis of comprehensive documentation, as well as  anonymous interviews conducted with our Employees, our company received a positive opinion from our customers and the certifying body.

We wish to thank our Employees for taking part in the audit. The requirements posed by SEDEX SMETA constitute a regular work standard at PAW, and the fact that we received a positive opinion from the audit was just a formality. That is why our company has become more transparent and has further improved the level of management.

A new logo to commemorate PAW's 25th anniversary!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Business resembles life. The only thing that is certain are changes. We have been on the market for over 25 years, and on numerous occasions we have witnessed great political, social and business changes. We believe that the secret of continuous development lies in adapting to changing circumstances.

Due to the dynamic changes that have been taking place in our company, we would like to present our new logo to you. PAW stands for modernity, which manifests in our actions and assortment of products. Aiming at rejuvenating our brand, we have resigned from the decorative letters in the word PAW and modernised the font. We have kept the dark blue. We want to keep up with progress to overcome new challenges. Our new logo is a symbol of our dynamic actions and modernity.

It is certain, however, that PAW is changing for better. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and services and make an effort to fulfil your expectations.