Pillow Boxes

Elegant boxes in a modern pillow shape available in three sizes are innovative, comfortable to use and make every gift a special one.


  • elegant,
  • innovative shape,
  • a compromise between a bag and a box ,
  • fancy design,
  • various sizes,
  • capacious,
  • easy to carry thanks to ribbons.

Inspiration Modern napkins

Inspiration Modern napkins - as they have never been seen before - are a combination of classics with innovative design. Bold colours and intricately embossed geometrical shapes will make your table decoration look both splendid and modern.


  • chic and stylish,
  • modern, geometrically embossed,
  • colours that will match both classic and modern interiors,
  • smooth pearl glow,
  • may be coordinated with table runners.

Let's go party

Fancy party packs, which are a real must-have when throwing a party, are new in our catalogue. Bold colours, unique design and a wide product range including: plates, cups, glasses, treat tubs, paper napkins and drinking straws will make your party an unforgettable one.

Treat tubs:

  • Suitable for use with all kinds of party foods such as sweet treats, snacks, ice-cream and thanks to an additional coating of lacquer - even soups
  • Perfect for all party celebrations
  • Can be matched with other items form the range
  • Colourful and fancy patterns will add a fun touch to any party
  • Adorable motifs will make your guests feel good and relaxed

Cups and tumbler glasses:

  • Tall, easy grip cups perfect for serving cold drinks
  • Disposable
  • Light and eco-friendly, made of paper
  • Sturdy design, crack resistant
  • Colourful and fancy patterns will adorn every party
  • Thanks to them you will be able to create sophisticated table decorations
  • Can be co-ordinated with other items from the range



  • Disposable paper plates
  • Help us save time necessary to set and clear the table
  • To be used at home parties, picnics and barbecue
  • Together with treat tubs and cups they create fancy and complete tableware
  • Suitable for all age groups: children, teenagers and grown-ups
  • Perfect for party games e.g. Darts
  • Funny, unique and decorative patterns

Drinking straws:

  • Practical to use, made of strengthened paper
  • Disposable
  • Easy to match with cups and plates
  • Colourful with bold motifs
  • Perfect for crafts and arts
  • Can be used by both children and grown-ups
  • A new product which completes a whole range of tableware
  • Add a touch of fun
  • Trendy geometrical design